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December 12, 2017


My name is Walt Blackman and I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance to be your state representative for the 6th district of Arizona. My reasons for running are fairly simple: 


It’s the right of each and every American to have a fair opportunity to succeed and a limited government truly enables the people of Arizona to exercises their god given right to be free.


But what does it mean to be free? 


Freedom is a relatively new concept. Through most of history, people were not free. My ancestors were certainly not free, and many of your ancient ancestors certainty did not have the type of freedom represented by the idea of America.


It was only through the establishment of a new approach to democracy, inspired by those of great foresight, empowered by a desire to create a new country, that the United States constitution was enacted. This document serves as the baseline for freedom in a world that has increasingly lost its way. Like all documents, sometimes the original intent gets lost in the chaos of the modern world.


Sometimes, through troubling times, the people of this great country have forgotten what freedom truly means. We tend to see people, in tough times, look for answers from where they draw strength. Some people draw strength from God. I am one of those people. Others deify government, one of those I am not. I do not worship government because it stands in opposition of freedom.


Those who worship government -with no malicious intent -try to convince those around us that sacrificing our freedom is the only way to solve the ills of society. I do not agree. They may tell you that more money is needed for a centralized, top-down approach to the management of our very lives. I do not agree.


As we increasingly find out, the ability to freely reach for opportunity is the only way to truly improve our economy, which in turn benefits all Americans.


But gone are the days of centralized planning, gone are the days of a bureaucrat in Washington or Phoenix saying, “this is complicated stuff, just trust us."


We as citizens demand more. We demand proper stewardship of our taxes. We demand that our dollars not go causes we don’t believe in, and we exercise that belief through our right to vote. We vote because freedom means being able to do simple things, such as pick your own health insurance.


Freedom means being able to keep more of the money you earn, to invest for our children’s future.


Freedom means drastically reducing our misguided over-regulated economy because only then do we truly release the potential to create prosperity and opportunity for all  - not just who ever won when Washington or Phoenix decided to artificially pick a winner through law, regulation, or over zealous licensing requirements.


Freedom means not being burdened by a crushing amount of debt as a result of government overspending on problems they have no chance of solving.


Freedom means looking out for the poor, and the down-trodden, but not through a never ending cycle of tax dollars and failed programs which create perverse incentives for those who are poor to continue to stay poverty, less they lose government aide. Helping the poor should mean helping them get out of poverty, not by distorting human nature and encoring the poverty trap we call “welfare”.


With a federal deficit of over $21 trillion dollars, it’s time to stop financing failure with increased state debt. It’s time to rein in the federal and state purse strings and ensure that our budgets balance with reality. We have got to take a more realistic approach to spending in this state. It seems no matter who we elect, when it comes time to make the tough choices that will set us on the road to fiscal responsibility, we find a lamb who lied to us about being a lion.


I am running for office because I believe that we’ve lost our definition freedom as a country and as a result, we find our local communities in shambles. In Navajo county alone, 90 percent of our people incarcerated are there for meth. 85 percent of DUI arrests are meth related. Our nation is in the midst of an opioid crisis. Our children, brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends cannot find the opportunity to make better lives for themselves, so they turn meth, they turn to opioids and prescription pain pills to deal with the pain. Navajo County has one of the most serious meth problems across the state, but often we have some of the smallest resources.


I’ve always said that I’m a limited government conservative, not a no government conservative. Every dollar spent on boondoggles, every penny wasted on paying state debt as a result of poor fiscal planning is a dollar that should be going to address solvable problems in our communities such as combating meth addiction, addressing shortfalls in education spending, and investing in community based programs for our children.


In an era of restrained resources, securing our border is a fiscal imperative. Our country and state has to borrow money to pay its current bills, yet some want unfettered immigration? That math doesn’t add up. We demand that our southern border be secure as to not waste precious taxpayer dollars providing services to those whose first act on American soil was to break our laws. Many people come to this nation for the freedom it promises, but those who seek to abuse and break it put everyone’s freedom in jeopardy. And currently our immigration system serves no one well.


As your state representative, I will prioritize your freedom, and your right not be burdened by crushing mandates on health care. Arizona should be a model for true market-based healthcare, one that prioritizes the lowering of costs through competition, not regulation. My priority will be to get government out of the healthcare business. You should be in charge of your healthcare choices, not bureaucrats.


Freedom means the right to define one’s own moral convictions. Life is a precious gift, bestowed to us by the creator, and no law or state mandate should seek to diminish the sanctity of life. Furthermore, our laws should seek to protect life. It is for these reasons, by moral clarity that I support pro-life laws. So I believe that organizations that do not respect this sanctity should not be state or federally funded and if even a perception of this occurs, such as we’ve seen with Planned Parenthood, it should be investigated in an independent manner and ceased immediately.


As your representative, I believe that the judicial branch of our state and federal government should respect freedom and thus I will only support those who understand that it is not their role to flame the fires of ill-gotten culture wars, but rather protect our right to life, liberty, and freedom.


The freedom that I’m describing to you today is often time a shared vision. Most in Arizona feel this way, as I’m sure you do. From time to time, we may disagree, but know that I value freedom, moral clarity, and opportunity above all other positions. But without your support, we can’t make this happen. I need you. I need you to stand up and defend what freedom we have left. With your support we can start to reduce unneeded layers of government that doesn’t serve our communities, we can remove poorly dreamed regulations that slow our ability to seek economic opportunity, we bring about fiscal sanity and build an Arizona that our children’s children can be proud of. I need you to support me, I need you to stay engaged, I need you to tell your friends, share our message on social media, and I need you to vote for me, Walt Blackman for the 6th district of Arizona.


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