1831 Prairie Rd
Snowflake, Navajo County 85937



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Who is Walt Blackman?

Representative Walt Blackman is running for reelection. Blackman is looking to build on his widely recognized accomplishments from the 54th legislative session in seeking a second term to represent the people of the sixth legislative district of Arizona. Walt is a conservative that has a history of standing up for the right to life of all and adhering to guiding principles that ensure that all have the opportunity to succeed. His record not only includes conservative wins to secure our state’s fiscal future through protecting and strengthen small business, but has worked to devote resources to build the future of Arizona by increasing infrastructure investments while at the same time paying down state debt, and reducing tax rates.


After serving almost 22 years in the United States Army as a front line soldier, sexual harassment and assault prevention specialist, and witness to the horrific state of politics in our state and country, Walt's dedication to service was not yet finished. He is running for a second term as state representative to continue authentic leadership in the statehouse. Determined to take a stand for the families and decency in public discourse, Walt will stand up for every person in Arizona, and seek to offer common sense solutions to the unique problems facing our great state.


Walt knows what it looks like when government oversteps its bounds and communities are not truly free. He saw it in the seven deployments to conflict zones across the world. He believes that unlike most nations, the United States is truly exceptional due to our Constitution, the greatest governing document established the world over and foundational pillar of our republic.


Walt is nationally recognized as a next generation legislator in Arizona as a part of the 2019 class of emerging national leaders by GOPAC for his efforts to not only promote legislation that protects life and demonstrates fiscal responsibility, but also for his leadership in prison reform, educational investment, health care simplification, and work to promote small businesses in our communities.


As a freshman legislator, Walt has secured several key wins on behalf of his constituents. These included introducing bills that passed into law adding to youth leadership opportunities like junior reserve officer training at local schools, ensuring public retirement systems are more solvent, and laws protecting the rights of sexual assault victims. These priorities represent not only Republican or Democrat priorities, but laws that will benefit all.

Walt, his wife Kristie and family have been residents of Snowflake for over a decade. After serving almost 22 years in the United States Army, Walt wanted to continue his service to the people of our state and won election in 2018. Walt is nationally recognized as a legislator for the future of the Republican Party due to his work on key issues and efforts in serious bipartisanship. Walt puts the needs of the constituents of the 6th district as his top priority.